Repair Policy

Please submit your request using our automated RMA System.

We will not accept returned merchandise without a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. Returns received without authorization will not be processed.

All items should be shipped in original boxes with their original packing material.

1. Create a Request for RMA by logging in to our RMA website. If you do not have an account yet, please click SIGNUP and provide accurate information such as name, shipping address and a valid email address.

2. Please provide a detailed description of the reason for tech support for the product.

3. We will review your request within 5 business days, do not send your item until you have received an RMA Number. You will receive a notification email when your RMA Request is approved.

4. Upon receiving an RMA Number, login to our website to print your RMA form and packaging slip. Ship your item.

5. You can monitor the status of your return (24x7) by logging into our website.

6. Once an RMA # has been issued, the customer selects and pays a private carrier to ship the item to the recieving center. No parcels with freight charges due will be accepted. UTA bears no insurance responsibility for the value of the product or any damage incurred during shipping.

7. If a product is under warranty, no repair costs will be incurred by the customer.

8. If a product is out of warranty, the customer is responsible for the costs of parts and labor. After diagnosis, the customer will be contacted with an estimate for the repairs; once approved in writing by the customer, the work will proceed.

9. Once repairs are complete, the customer will be invoiced for either just the freight charges or the parts, labor, and freight charges; once that is paid, the unit will be shipped back to the customer.